Digital Marketing

We all have been to markets to buy one thing or the other but today we are not on the customer side but on the seller side ,”the tables have turned now”. The seller convinces us to buy their product assuring us of the quality of his product and that is called as “marketing”.

But now the question arises ,”What is digital marketing?”.

In today’s era we want everything to be done efficiently with minimum effort sitting on our couch so we have a set up a digital era where we are linked to each and every person/market /brand via internet. The promotions are made online which makes people aware of the new products and new techniques. So, today the seller is internet , you have the whole world at your disposal to share your product and convince the customers that definitely increases your market.

Today , I am here to ask you all for a small help as am helping someone reach out the world for their digital marketing project.

Its a beauty video, kindly go through it as we want to increase the no of views and subscribers for this as an assignment. Do forward if you like it.

Thanks a lot everyone !!


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