One Lovely Blog Award …!!!

A small appreciation matters a lot.

I am really happy to know people are reading my blog. I have been really busy during the past few months to publish anything new but still kept on receiving appreciation from my fellow bloggers who came and stopped by my blog.

So, I have been nominated by Rising Phoenix for one lovely blog award. Thanks a lot for that. You should visit her blog for her amazing poetry and the way she put her thoughts, you will definitely love it.

Here are the rules:


Now 7 things about myself:

  • I am a fun loving person, loves to chirp like a free bird and blogging is my love.
  • An almost graduate in B.Tech Biotechnology, just two days left for my final exam.
  • A support system for my friends as they call me one.
  • I write what I experience/observe or feel. My blog will tell you better about that
  • A hardcore foodie never misses a chance to try different cuisines.
  • I am short tempered, yeah !! a bad quality too… not perfect. !!!
  • A bit choosy about friends, not so open to all.


And the nominations are:

All the people up there please accept the nominations. I am really happy to have met you here as my fellow bloggers and I love your blogs.

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