Maverick ..!!!

MAVERICK ….yes…!! That’s what all of us are!! Independent that’s what we are.

None of us is dependent on anyone for anything. Our life goes on with or without somebody or something. It’s a circle of life; a vicious circle; that goes on and on. You have come alone on this earth (not exactly, though, there were many people who were born on the same date at the same time may be at the same or different place.) and you will go alone; even if you have a twin there is a difference of seconds between you two.

We are never dependent on a person. People attach their lives to other people … why is that so??

You have your own identity. Why girls are supposed to change their surname after marriage when they are living with that identity since birth. A guy should not define her identity or give her his own identity. Girls also have their own self-respect. Taking advice from someone for your decisions or asking for someone’s help doesn’t mean dependence. Some people presume you to be dependent on them because you let them think so. Being too much frank with them, telling them each and everything, and taking their opinions in your decisions and thus, you give them an impression that you are dependent on them…!!!  And they feel your life will stop it’s just because you gave them this pedestal in your life. Don’t give anyone that much priority in your life. The vicious circle of life will take a turn and these would be the reasons that very loving and nice people would leave your life leaving a void. A void which may remain as such forever.


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