A free or unoccupied area is referred to as space in common language and indeed it’s true. In the world outside the earth; any vacuum between planets and stars is termed as space or specifically “outer space” .

At some point or the other we want this space in our life. One craves for an area of inhabitance in their lives; vacuum; where nobody can travel, we don’t want any medium to connect to the outer world; then why we are on Earth; why this gift of life is bestowed upon us. ??

I have heard people saying I don’t have my space in my relationship; what are you asking for… a vacuum??

The vacuum YOU once filled with someone’s presence you want to create that again or probably want to have a different media to communicate with the outer world.

One needs space to introspect oneself i.e. ; not achieved by distancing yourself from other people or the world but by spending some time with your own self and this is what we mistook as space and traverse the wrong path.


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