Who are YOU?

A small pebble causes ripples in the sea, the same pebble when thrown at somebody/something causes damage (hurt, pain or a wound) but the pebble still maintains its identity in ways both good or bad.  A small boat in the ocean sends big waves into motion and so does a small thing in our life which may cause a cyclone but life still goes on.

A single match is enough to cause an explosion; one just needs to find that match in oneself. Life takes twists and turns wrecking us always with all its might but one needs to stand for oneself because the only thing important in your life is YOU.

Make yourself your first priority and find happiness in yourself. It’s easy to tell someone to stay happy or find happiness in oneself, but it’s the most difficult thing to find out. All of us tend to find happiness with someone else or something else but never in our own self.

Spend most of your time with your own self. Discover your happiness as I tried and found out that blogging brings me happiness. Before doing anything for somebody just ponder how much effort you would have put in for your own self. This doesn’t mean that you have to be selfish or self-centered, but just don’t lose yourself in the process of finding yourself or your happiness in others.

Don’t be vulnerable; let your dignity, self-respect, self-esteem be of utmost importance and this will help you find YOU; just keep moving like a river overcoming all the hardships and obstacles that come in your way and be the real YOU.


10 thoughts on “Who are YOU?

  1. The example you started left me contemplating for a moment. Kudos on your writing! BTW the latter part of the first paragraph is essentially ‘ The Butterfly Effect’. Do you like reading about paradoxes & psychology of things?


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