Nothing box ; a box without anything in it ..!!! I don’t literally mean an empty box, but an empty “brain”. It’s more popular with males than females and there is a reason behind it. The different hemispheres of a man’s brain are never connected or they are well sorted; men are able to focus … More NOTHING BOX


A free or unoccupied area is referred to as space in common language and indeed it’s true. In the world outside the earth; any vacuum between planets and stars is termed as space or specifically “outer space” . At some point or the other we want this space in our life. One craves for an … More SPACE

Who are YOU?

A small pebble causes ripples in the sea, the same pebble when thrown at somebody/something causes damage (hurt, pain or a wound) but the pebble still maintains its identity in ways both good or bad.  A small boat in the ocean sends big waves into motion and so does a small thing in our life … More Who are YOU?