Sleep angel was late every time, Staring at the night sky She wondered what was her crime. The moon and the stars gave her an ear, Being her friends when life was unfair. Advertisements

Maverick ..!!!

MAVERICK ….yes…!! That’s what all of us are!! Independent that’s what we are. None of us is dependent on anyone for anything. Our life goes on with or without somebody or something. It’s a circle of life; a vicious circle; that goes on and on. You have come alone on this earth (not exactly, though, … More Maverick ..!!!


Nothing box ; a box without anything in it ..!!! I don’t literally mean an empty box, but an empty “brain”. It’s more popular with males than females and there is a reason behind it. The different hemispheres of a man’s brain are never connected or they are well sorted; men are able to focus … More NOTHING BOX


A free or unoccupied area is referred to as space in common language and indeed it’s true. In the world outside the earth; any vacuum between planets and stars is termed as space or specifically “outer space” . At some point or the other we want this space in our life. One craves for an … More SPACE

Who are YOU?

A small pebble causes ripples in the sea, the same pebble when thrown at somebody/something causes damage (hurt, pain or a wound) but the pebble still maintains its identity in ways both good or bad.  A small boat in the ocean sends big waves into motion and so does a small thing in our life … More Who are YOU?